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Uli Thiemonds [1]

Ulrich (Uli) Thiemonds,
a German computer scientist, chess player [2] and chess youth coach with chess club SG Porz [3]. In 1999, at the University of Bonn, he defended his Diplom degree in computer science with the thesis on a rule-based program for chess endgames. He introduced the historic approach of El Ajedrecista by Leonardo Torres y Quevedo, mentions the rule-based approach by Wilhelm Barth from Vienna University of Technology, as well the work of Grit Lachmann from Chemnitz University of Technology in Prolog, and further elaborated on Endgame Tablebases.


Ulrich Thiemonds' rule-based endgame chess program REB (REgelBasiert = rule-based) was subject of his thesis, and uses a deductive database and logic programming without any tree search. The implementation for KQK, KRK and KPK were written in Prolog and Datalog. XBoard was used as GUI.

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