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Strategic Test Suite, (STS)
a series of themed test suites by Dann Corbit and Swaminathan Natarajan, designed to evaluate chess engine's long term understanding of strategical and positional concepts. More recently, the positions were revised and converted by Ferdinand Mosca to be used by an analysis tool [1] .

Themes and EPDs

# Theme [2] EDP [3] CPW Page
1 Undermining File:STS1.epd Undermining
2 Open Files and Diagonals File:STS2.epd Rook on Open File
3 Knight Outposts File:STS3.epd Outposts
4 Square Vacancy File:STS4.epd Square Control
5 Bishop vs Knight File:STS5.epd Bishop versus Knight
6 Re-Capturing File:STS6.epd Captures
7 Offer of Simplification File:STS7.epd Material
8 Advancement of f/g/h pawns File:STS8.epd Pawn Storm
9 Advancement of a/b/c Pawns File:STS9.epd Pawn Storm
10 Simplification File:STS10.epd
11 Activity of the King File:STS11.epd King Safety vs King Centralization
12 Center Control File:STS12.epd Center Control
13 Pawn Play in the Center File:STS13.epd Pawn Center
14 Queens and Rooks to the 7th Rank File:STS14.epd Rook on Seventh
15 Avoid Pointless Exchange File:STS15.epd

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