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Shura-Bura's Program,
an early Soviet chess program developed by a group of scientists at the Steklov Institute of Mathematics headed by Mikhail R. Shura-Bura. A brief description of the program was given in an interview with Shura-Bura on computer chess by V. Tomanov, published as part in the 8th Bulletin of the Botvinnik Tal 1961 revenge-match for the world chess championship - entitled "The best move in 58 seconds", cited in Jaap van den Herik's Ph.D. thesis Computerschaak, Schaakwereld en Kunstmatige Intelligentie [1]. Further, two games of the program were published. Hardware was not mentioned, presumably Shura-Bura's Program ran on a Strela or M-20 computer.


The program is reported without any search to select the best move with the help of a static evaluation function, which had seven distinct components:

  1. Material (Pawn 1; Knight, Bishop 3.5; Rook 5; Queen 9.5; King 109)
  2. Mobility
  3. Static Exchange Evaluation
  4. Pawn Structure
  5. Center Control
  6. King Safety - Patterns
  7. King Safety - Pawn Shield


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  1. Jaap van den Herik (1983). Computerschaak, Schaakwereld en Kunstmatige Intelligentie. Ph.D. thesis, Delft University of Technology. Academic Service, The Hague. ISBN 90 62 33 093 2 (Dutch), 2.2.9. Sjoera-Boera - translation from Russian by J.P. Warris, Russian teacher at TH Delft

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