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SharpChess GUI [1]

a free open source chess program under the GNU General Public License written by Peter Hughes in C#, running on Microsoft Windows .NET or Mono. It has its own GUI and additionally supports the Chess Engine Communication Protocol and can therefore play against other chess engines using WinBoard or Arena. An object model [2] may enable other developers to quickly get involved into the project [3].


SharpChess uses the 0x88 board representation to utilize PVS within an iterative deepening framework. The transposition table is indexed and verified by Zobrist keys, move ordering considers hash move, MVV/LVA, SEE, killer heuristic and history heuristic, and beside quiescence search, selectivity is applied by adaptive null move pruning and extending on checks, recaptures of pieces with same value, single replies, and pawn pushes to the seventh rank.


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