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Mark Watson [1]

Mark Watson,
an American computer scientist, programmer, consultant and author of books on Artificial Intelligence, Java, Ruby, Common LISP, Semantic Web, NLP, C++, Linux, Scheme, and Windows.

Go and Chess

Mark Watson is an avid Chess and Go player, and wrote the first commercial Go playing program, Honninbo Warrior for the Apple II in the late 1970s [2]. He also wrote the free Basic chess program, Apple distributed on their Apple II demo cassette tape [3]. Mark Watson Chess participated at the Second West Coast Computer Faire Microcomputer Chess Tournament in March 1978 in the class C section [4]. His artificial intelligence programming with Java textbook [5], accompanied with an associated GitHub source code repository [6], comes with a Java chess program skeleton [7] and much more AI-topics under the Apache 2.0 License or under the GNU Lesser General Public License 3 [8].

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