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Little Rook Chess [1] with DOGM128 (128x64 dots) [2]

Little Rook Chess,
a small dedicated open source chess program by Oliver Kraus, written in C, developed to run on an Arduino Uno with 32 KiB of Flash memory and only 2 KiB of RAM. As a demonstration project how to use Oliver's u8glib, the universal graphics library (monochrom OLEDs and GLCDs) for embedded systems [3], the focus is on implementing the dedicated user interface realized with an Electronic Assembly DOG LCD module [4] and button shield. Little Rook Chess is part of u8glib under the terms of the new bsd license [5].

Chess AI

The "chess AI" of Little Rook Chess is rather rudimentary so far, with pure minimax rather than alpha-beta. The evaluation is based on material with point values of {1, 3, 3, 5, 9} and has a few positional terms. The program keeps an 8x8 board array, but uses 0x88 coordinates to validate square indices, and always transforms those coordinates at each board access [6]. Little Rook Chess lacks minor promotions and is unaware of repetitions and the 50-move rule, but otherwise plays legal chess with castling and en passant implemented [7].

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