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Joker playing card [1]

The French program Joker was a variation of the Écume chess engine by Marc-François Baudot and Jean-Christophe Weill. The idea behind it was "Entropic extension", if the position was not stable enough, an extension of the search was made (the stability was considered as a function of the last move) [2]. The idea came from Vincent David's Ph.D. thesis [3].

Joker won the 2nd French Computer Chess Championship. Écume hold the second place. Joker did show some impressive play, also at Aegon 1994, but the idea was abandoned, the search was too slow (Even if it was coded in assembly language).


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  1. Joker playing card in SVG based on the french representation. This card has been made with GNOME games in mind and has been successfully tested with Nautilus, Eye of Gnome (both of them use librsvg) and Inkscape. Author: David Bellot - Berkeley, CA, USA, August 12, 2005, Joker - Wikimedia Commons
  2. A Short Story of JCW's Computer Chess Program by Jean-Christophe Weill
  3. Vincent David (1993). Algorithmique parallèle sur les arbres de décision et raisonnement en temps contraint. Etude et application au Minimax = Parallel algorithm for heuristic tree searching and real-time reasoning. Study and application to the Minimax, Ph.D. Thesis, École nationale supérieure de l'aéronautique et de l'espace, Toulouse, France

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