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Jim Doran [1]

James (Jim) Doran,
a British mathematician, computer scientist and pioneer in artificial intelligence. He is professor emeritus at the Department of Computer Science, University of Essex, Wivenhoe Park, Colchester, England. During the 60s he became specialist in AI at the University of Edinburgh under the guidance of Donald Michie, also working on graph traversal and tree traversal aka tree search [2]. He was affiliated with the Atlas Computer Laboratory, before moving to University of Essex and researched on agent-based modelling and social simulation.



Austin Tate, Jim Doran, Aaron Sloman [3]


Biographical note [4] :

I read mathematics at Hertford College, Oxford, and then in the Sixties became a specialist in artificial intelligence at the University of Edinburgh under the guidance of Donald Michie. After four years at the UK Atlas Computer Laboratory, in 1973 I moved to the University of Essex in the Department of Computer Science where I am now an Emeritus Professor. I formally retired in 2001. Throughout my career I have also applied statistical and computer methods in archaeology and anthropology. From this work arose my present interest in agent-based modelling and social simulation. My publications and projects reflect this mix of research interests. 

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