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Hashmask 12501 of 16384 named Flux [1]

a free open source chess engine released under the GNU Lesser General Public License by Phokham Nonava, written in Java. It supports UCI through the Java Chess Protocol Interface [2] and runs on all available Java 7 platforms including Windows, OS X and Linux.



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  1. Hashmask 12501 of 16384 named Flux, an example of hashmask image that accompanies a Non-Fungible Token (NFT). The NFT was issued on the Ethereum blockchain by the artist to accompany this artwork. The image is from a set of 16,384 unique Hashmasks, each with unique attributes, Author Crunchycat13, February 03, 2021, Wikimedia Commons
  2. GitHub - fluxroot/jcpi: A Java Chess Protocol Interface
  3. Flux Engine - Flux Chess Project (Wayback Machine)

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