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a Chess Engine Communication Protocol and later UCI compliant chess engine by Rafael Peña. First versions were written in C#, requiring the .NET Framework of Microsoft Windows, since Version 1.0 written in C/C++ without managed extensions [1]. In February 2005, Fafis played the CCT7 but dropped out early after a dead draw position versus Crafty, which Rafael assumed agreed as draw, was lost on time [2]. Fafis 2.0 was infected by a computer worm [3], and was compressed, encrypted and obfuscated [4], as well as subsequent "clean" versions. The Arena support team around Christopher Conkie, Michael Diosi and Alexander Schmidt did some investigations and found Fafis 2.1 had many suspicious similarities with Crafty [5]. Despite the author's denial Fafis is a clone, and his promises to open the source for inspection, which failed to produce the suspected executable [6], Fafis was convicted a clone of Crafty [7].

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