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Excalibur Phantom Force [1]

Excalibur Phantom Force,
a talking robot type dedicated chess computer by Excalibur Electronics, released in 2007 [2]. The computer features a X-Y plotter type actuator with motor driven leadscrews and solenoid able to pick up and move the magnetic pieces, a sensory board, LCD, and a control button panel. It has a 6502 compatible Generalplus GPLB32A controller [3] running at 5 MHz with integrated 512 KiB ROM, 1216 byte RAM, parallel I/O, UART, PWM/DAC for sound and speech synthesis, and LCD controller. The Ron Nelson program is a 6502 port of his H8 programs, removing attack maps with respect to available RAM, similar to the earlier Alexandra The Great and Ivan II The Conqueror.

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