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Igor Box [1]

Excalibur Igor,
a talking dedicated chess computer by Excalibur Electronics, released in 1997 [2]. The computer has a Hitachi H8/3214 controller running at 12 MHz with 32 KiB ROM and 1 KiB RAM, and features a press sensory board along with LCD, button panel and speaker. The Ron Nelson program was a continuation of his H8 programs in the Mirage, Ivan and Grandmaster line, also supported by chess consultant and opening book author Larry Kaufman.

Igor II

A second Igor model, Igor 711E-2, using a Samsung KS57C2308 controller with a SAM47 4-bit core at 1 MHz with 8 KiB ROM and 512 nibbles of RAM [3] was released in 2000 [4]. The 4-bit program, based on the Excalibur LCD Chess code, used sophisticated PV move and killer move ordering heuristics [5], but was of course a weaker program than the original 8-bit Igor [6].

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