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a closed source Stockfish derivative by Khalid Omar, affiliated with InfinityChess based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Using the allegedly private engine requires registering at InfinityChess, downloading their client application, and sending a private message to Eman's author at InfinityChess Forum [1] [2]. Khalid Omar may then provide a link to download and use the engine - prior to Eman 6.60 along with a personalized, optional time limited license key, checked via InfinityChess server while starting the engine [3]. Supporting this kind of a freemium business model in ignorance of possible GPL violations, Eman is received with enthusiasm inside InfinityChess' target group, in particular by certain correspondence chess and freestyle players. Eman regularly include latest Stockfish updates, like NNUE, and emphasizes own implementations concerning book learning and persistent hash table, dynamic contempt, and a feature dubbed coherence evaluation, addressing score equalities by picking up different material and positional components [4].

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