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a chess program by Stephen B. Streater [1], which played the 1st Computer Olympiad 1989 in London, running on an ARM2 processor of an Acorn Archimedes with a clock frequency of 8 MHz. It was a simple but pretty fast chess program, so named because it could reach 6 ply in a full width search. As noticed by Mark Uniacke, who also participated at the Olympiad with HIARCS, Rebel operator Jan Louwman took a keen interest in this machine - with possible impact on Rebel's career [2] [3]. According to Chris Whittington, another Olympic contender with his Chess Player 2150, E6P's author talked to the other programmers between rounds, and added one search heuristic after another during the tournament [4]. E6P gained 1½ due to a win versus Échec 1.5 and a draw from the other British newcomer, Woodpusher, and finished ahead of John Hamlen's program.


As reported by Stephen B. Streater in 1996 during the MChess killer book discussion [5], his program, now dubbed C_897d, was ported to a StrongARM processor, reaching 750,000 nodes per second [6].

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