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Acorn Archimedes [1]

Acorn Archimedes, (BBC Archimedes)
a family of personal computers or workstations by Acorn Computers Ltd launched from July 1987 to the 90s, their first general purpose computer based on their own 32-bit ARM architecture with ARM2 and later ARM3 CMOS RISC processors running at 8 MHz. Acorn Archimedes were mounted in two-part cases with a small central unit, and monitor on top, and a separate keyboard and three-button mouse. The RISC OS operating system employs cooperative multitasking, featuring a command-line interface and a WIMP graphical user interface. The core OS was stored in ROM. While the Archimedes is no longer sold, computers such as the Raspberry Pi can still run its operating system [2], RISC OS (at least later versions) as they use ARM chips that are (mostly) compatible [3].


Model Year RAM
Hard disk
A305 1987 1/2 ARM2
A310 1987 1 ARM2
A410 1987 1 ARM2
A440 1987 4 20 ARM2
A420/1 1989 2 20 ARM2
A540 1990 16 120 ARM3

ARM Development

The Acorn Archimedes was development platform for many ARM2 based chess entities and dedicated chess computers, which software was not sold for the Archimedes itself - notably the World Microcomputer Chess Champion of the WMCCC 1991 and World Computer Chess Champion of the WCCC 1992, Gideon for the TASC ChessMachine by Ed Schröder, likely also The King by Johan de Koning for the same platform, and their dedicated RISC branches such as the Mephisto RISC.

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