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an UCI compliant chess engine by primary author Don Dailey, supported by chess advisor and evaluation expert and Don's long time collaborator Larry Kaufman. The development started in 2007 [1], and it was first released to the public as free engine in fall 2009 [2].


In January 2010, Doch evolved to Komodo [3] to become one of the strongest programs ever.


Doch is acronym of Don's Chess. Quote from a Frank Quisinsky interview, December 2009 [4]:

Doch was never intended to be the name that would stick. When I first decided to write this program I needed a name and did not want to spend days obsessing over it. I did not want to call it "chess" but it needed a name to give it some personality. Doch stands for DOn's CHess. I never got around to giving it a proper name and I feel a bit immodest calling it after my own name! 


Doch was a 64-bit aka bitboard program, applying a Copy-Make approach with a position state of 192 byte allocated on the stack [5] [6]

position search( position_state *prev,  ...  )
   position_state  new_position;
   ... other stuff
   foreach move in movelist do {
       make( prev, &new_position, move );

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