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Ancient Disaster Area [1]

an UCI compliant chess engine written by Jochen Peussner, started in 2011 from scratch to learn more about bitboards, first released in November 2014 as 32-bit Windows engine [2]. DesasterArea can be configured to control its search and evaluation, for instance, one can switch off all selective search enhancements such as various extensions, null move pruning and late move reductions, to get a basic principal variation search [3]. DisasterArea-1.65, released in July 2016, comes with an improved SMP search, is able to probe Syzygy-EGTBs, has more effective singular extensions, and a "correct" SEE considering pins and promotions [4]


Disaster Area is the fictional rock band from the Gagrakacka Mind Zones in The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, the second book of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy comedy science fiction trilogy by Douglas Adams.

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