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A desperado is generally indiscreet [1]

a private chess engine [2] by David Blackman, under development since 1989. It has a few extensions, heavy null move pruning, hash tables, a moderately complex evaluation function, and no opening book.

Tournament Play

Desperado has played in most of the NC3 tournaments, and all the ANU Carbon-Silicon Tournaments before that. Highlights include a win against IM Guy West the year he became Australian Champion, and two third places in NC3.

Selected Games

NC3 2006, round 3, Desperado - LittleThought

[Event "NC3 2006"]
[Site "RedHill, Canberra, Australia"]
[Date "2006.08.20"]
[Round "3"]
[White "Desperado"]
[Black "LittleThought"]
[Result "1-0"]

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 e6 3.Nc3 d6 4.d4 cxd4 5.Qxd4 Nc6 6.Bb5 Bd7 7.Qc4 Nf6 8.O-O 
Be7 9.Bxc6 Bxc6 10.e5 d5 11.Qd3 Nd7 12.Be3 Qb8 13.Bd4 Nc5 14.Qe3 Na4 15.Nd1 
b6 16.Qf4 Bb5 17.Re1 O-O 18.a3 Qc7 19.Ne3 Rac8 20.h3 a6 21.Rad1 Qb7 22.Rd2 
Nc5 23.Bxc5 Rxc5 24.Red1 Rfc8 25.Kh1 Qc7 26.Qd4 f6 27.c3 Be8 28.exf6 Bxf6 
29.Qd3 a5 30.Ng4 Bxc3 31.bxc3 Rxc3 32.Qe2 h5 33.Nge5 Rxa3 34.Ng5 Qe7 35.Nef3
Ba4 36.Re1 Re8 37.Nxe6 Qf7 38.Nfg5 Qg6 39.Qe5 Bb3 40.Qc7 Bc4 41.Kh2 Qf6 
42.Qd7 Qe7 43.Rxd5 Qxd7 44.Rxd7 Kh8 45.Nf4 Rf8 46.Ng6+ Kg8 47.Ree7 Rxh3+ 
48.gxh3 Rxf2+ 49.Kg3 Rf3+ 50.Kxf3 Be2+ 51.Kxe2 b5 52.Re8# 

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  2. Private Engine List from Ron Murawski's Computer-Chess Wiki

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