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David Lindsay,
an American early microprocessor chess programmer, and primary author of the program which appeared in the commercial dedicated Boris chess computer, manufactured by Applied Concepts and distributed by Chafitz from February 1978. Boris ran on a Fairchild F8 8-bit microprocessor with only 2.5 KiB ROM and 256 Byte RAM. Two further Boris models with Lindsay programs appeared in 1979, the first travel chess computer Boris Diplomat [1] [2] , and Boris Master [3] .


According to Robert Chafitz, son of the Founders of Chafitz, Arleen and Steve Chafitz, David Lindsay was hired to program the machine [4] :

The original Boris sold by Chafitz was manufactured for them (Steve and Arleen Chafitz) by Applied Concepts (Garland, Texas). David Lindsay (from Dallas) was hired to program this machine (it only had 2k of ram). They don't remember much more about him. Following the development of the original Boris when more advanced programs were required my parents contracted Kathy and Dan Spracklen to be their chess programmers for the Chafitz modular game system. 

Chess Pieces

Lindsay holds a patent on the Chess piece font [5] as used in the Boris Diplomat:

Carateres speciaux Diplomat.jpg

Boris Diplomat character's [6]

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