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Steve Chafitz, 1983 [1]

Steve Chafitz,
an American engineer, entrepreneur, and along with his wife Arleen Chafitz founder of Chafitz Inc. and president of e-End, located in Frederick, Maryland. Steve and Arleen Chafitz are recognized as two of the most significant leaders of the consumer electronic revolution in the early 1970's. They established Chafitz Inc. in Rockville, Maryland, which became a leading retailers and electronics fulfillment organizations for consumer electronics. They have been credited with pioneering electronic games employing the early advances in Artificial Intelligence such as dedicated chess and Backgammon computers [2].

Bobby Fischer calling

Steve Chafitz on a call from Bobby Fischer [3] [4]:

Just to rewind a bit, one evening when I was home having dinner, I got a call from Bobby Fischer. He was excited about our electronic chess game "Boris" and I realized that if he was interested in our electronic chess game that there was a major market out there. We increased our development of electronic games and yes, we hired the brightest and the best programmers in the country to develop programs for our games. 

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