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Mortadelo y Filemón [1]

Clever & Smart,
a chess playing entity by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen as parallel search and automatic triple-brain experiment based on the 3-Hirn ideas by Ingo Althöfer [2]. In dependence on the German conversion of the Spanish comic Mortadelo y Filemón by Francisco Ibáñez Talavera, Clever (Mortadelo aka Fred Clever) & Smart (Filemón Pi aka Phil Pi or Jeff Smart) were two rather different versions of Shredder. Their move proposals, and additional data from their search processes are given to an automatic control program, the Boss (Superintendente Vicente aka El Súper or Mister L), which makes the final choice and controls the time [3]. Clever & Smart played the IPCCC 1998 in Paderborn where it ran on a Dual processor PC, and became runner-up behind Nimzo98 due to less resistance points.

The Triple Brain

Mortadelo (Clever) Filemón (Smart) Superintendente Vicente [4]

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Mortadelo y Filemón from (Spanish)
Clever & Smart from (German)


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