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a Chess Engine Communication Protocol compatible chess engine written (in an extremely part-time fashion) in C by Adam Oellermann. Blikskottel is an Afrikaans slang term (meaning something like blighter or rascal) [1] [2], but Blikskottel's development began in England, and Blikskottel is now resident in Scotland.


Blikskottel is a simple bitboard-based alpha-beta searcher. The original version was written in Delphi, intended to be an entry into a chess programming competition among a group of programmers. After the other programmers failed to produce entries, Adam decided to continue anyway. The Delphi version was quickly replaced with C code (originally developed in Microsoft Visual C++, but since being ported to Linux just about anything can compile Blikskottel now); much of this was written while on the train or watching TV, which perhaps accounts somewhat for the engine's lack of performance. Blikskottel's strength tends to make sudden jumps forward during brief spurts of intense interest in chess programming by the author, which then fade away as he realises just how awful the codebase is getting to be to work with; then, poor Blikskottel languishes - sometimes for years at a time.

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Re: New winboard engine Blikskottel 0.4 ? by Adam Oellermann, CCC, June 12, 2001

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