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Chess at the Beach [1]

Beaches, (BeachesChess)
a WinBoard compliant chess engine by Robert Pope, written in C++, first mentioned and hosted by Benny Antonsson in 2002 [2]. The later published source code with version history from 2006 until 2010 [3] refers a bitboard engine - despite processing many of them per node, using 8-bit occupied state rotated bitboard lookups for sliding pieces - the control structure of the legal move generator and evaluation reminds more on a mailbox approach without piece list. Search is plain alpha-beta with transposition table, null move pruning and fractional ply decrements with an conventional evaluation, taking material and piece-square tables along with some pawn structure and king safety terms into account, as well the population of ored aggregated attacks per side.

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  1. Anything goes in Santa Monica - strenuous upper arm workouts, playing on swings, or brain workouts in the form of chess matches, source: Muscle Beach and Chess Beach, Santa Monica, Image by InSapphoWeTrust, June 18, 2011, CC BY-SA 2.0, Wikimedia Commons
  2. New WinBoard compatible engine - Beaches 0.96 by Robert Pope by Benny Antonsson, Winboard Forum, July 16, 2002
  3. BeachesChess, Here is the source code of a slightly later version of Beaches (2.32)

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