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awesome Ambigram [1]

a chess program by FIDE Master and former Australian Postal champion Bill Jordan, first released in April 2001. Awesome stared as MS-DOS program with an own GUI and later evolved to an WinBoard compliant chess engine to run under Windows. Awesome played the NC3 2003, NC3 2004, NC3 2005 and NC3 2006 Australasian National Computer Chess Championships.


from the Awesome site by Bill Jordan [2]

On and off over the years I have experimented with my chess playing program (Awesome). It is written in Borland C++ and was written entirely from scratch with many original approaches.
Awesome examines only a few moves compared with most chess engines, but sees quite deeply, thanks to good move ordering and other factors. In a one minute game, it is sometimes able to store every position examined in a game, in the hash table. It some ways it emulates the way a human player thinks. One of my aims is to make the search tree as small as possible (without losing any effectiveness). 

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  2. Awesome Chess Program (Wayback Machine)

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