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The players begin by setting up their pieces
however they choose on their home rows [1]

is a two-player zero-sum and perfect information abstract strategy board game, that can be played using the same equipment as chess, invented by Omar and Aamir Syed. In 2002, Omar Syed published the rules to Arimaa [2] and announced a $10,000 prize, available annually until 2020, for the first computer program (running on standard hardware) able to defeat each of three top-ranked human players in a three game series [3]. Due to its huge Branching Factor of about 17,281 [4], Arimaa is hard to play for computers. In 2015, David J. Wu won the Arimaa Challenge and the then $12,000 USD prize with his program Sharp [5], major topic in the ICGA Journal, Vol. 38, No. 1.

Arimaa Pieces

Image Name Number Represented by

Chess Piece

Arimaa egb74.png
Elephant 1 King
Arimaa mgb74.png
Camel 1 Queen
Arimaa hgb74.png
Horse 2 Rook
Arimaa dgb74.png
Dog 2 Bishop
Arimaa cgb74.png
Cat 2 Knight
Arimaa rgb74.png
Rabbit 8 Pawn



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