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Arie de Bruin [1]

Arie de Bruin,
a Dutch computer scientist and retired researcher, most recently affiliated with the Delft University of Technology, until 2006 professor at the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam. Arie de Bruin's research interests covered programming language semantics, game tree search algorithms, and distributed simulation. Along with Wim Pijls, he researched on Stockman's SSS* algorithm, which they declared "dead" at the 8th Advances in Computer Chess conference 1996 [2], due to its reformulation as a sequence of depth-first alpha-beta null window calls with transposition table aka MTD(f), as also elaborated along with Aske Plaat and Jonathan Schaeffer in several papers.



Kees Sio, Arie de Bruin and Theo van der Storm visiting the WCCC 2002 [3]

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