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a private chess engine by Ralf Dörr and as successor of Nexus, written in Pascal and Delphi. Argonaut played the IPCCC 2005 b and the ICT 2006 over the board.

Photos & Games


ICT 2006, round 4, Argonaut - Neurosis [2]

[Event "ICT 2006"]
[Site "Leiden, NED"]
[Date "2006.05.06"]
[Round "04"]
[Result "1-0"]
[White "Argonaut"]
[Black "Neurosis"]

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4 exd4 4.Nxd4 Qh4 5.Nb5 Qxe4+ 6.Be2 Kd8 7.O-O a6 
8.N1c3 Qe5 9.Nd5 axb5 10.Bf4 Qxb2 11.Bxc7+ Ke8 12.Nb6 Qa3 13.Re1 Bb4 
14.Bg4+ Nge7 15.Re3 Qa5 16.Nd5 Qa6 17.Nxb4 Nxb4 18.Bd6 Nbc6 19.Qe2 Ne5 
20.Rd1 Kd8 21.Rxe5 Ng6 22.Rc5 Qb6 23.Qe3 Ra6 24.Qg3 Qxc5 25.Bxc5 Rc6 
26.Bxd7 1-0



Volker Annuss and Ralf Dörr in Hermann vs. Argonaut, ICT 2006 [3] [4]

[Event "ICT 2006"]
[Site "Leiden NED"]
[Date "2006.05.07"]
[Round "08"]
[White "Hermann"]
[Black "Argonaut"]
[Result "1-0"]

1.e4 e5 2.d4 exd4 3.c3 dxc3 4.Bc4 cxb2 5.Bxb2 Qe7 6.Nd2 Nc6 7.Ngf3 Nf6
8.O-O Na5 9.e5 Nh5 10.Bd3 Nf4 11.Be4 Nc6 12.Nb3 Qb4 13.Re1 Ne6 14.Qc2 Qb6 
15.h3 Nb4 16.Qc4 a5 17.a3 Nc6 18.Qc2 a4 19.Nc1 Be7 20.Ne2 Qb3 21.Qd2 Nc5 
22.Bf5 O-O 23.Nf4 g6 24.Nh5 1-0

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