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Ard van Bergen [1]

Arie Riemer Dirk van Bergen, (Ard van Bergen, A.R.D. van Bergen)
a Dutch physicist, scientific consultant and director of Novidec Ltd., Cheshire, England [2] [3], as well as chess player active in the Chester Chess Club [4]. He defended his Ph.D. in atomic physics in 1987 at Utrecht University. As former computer chess and games programmer, Ard is author of the chess programs PK80/83 and Shess, and the Draughts program TN83. Along with Stef Keetman, he developed the Draughts engine for Oxford Softworks' Intelligent Strategy Games 10 [5].


from Ard's Chesspage [6]:

Also, when I was a student, I started to develop my own chess program which competed many times in the Dutch National Championship organised by the CSVN. The best result my program obtained was a shared second place in 1983. It also competed twice (Cologne 1986 and Edmonton 1989) in the World Championship organised by the ICCA (now ICGA). 

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