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Oxford Softworks,
was a game development and publishing company based in Burford, Oxfordshire, England, owned by Chris Whittington. Founded in the mid 80s, Oxford Softworks marketed the Chess Player series, Chess Simulator, the Complete Chess System, and the mighty Chess System Tal with game AI written by Chris.

AI Games

External authors provided game engines under licence, these were converted to other formats and graphical user interfaces added. Oxford Softworks worked with Michael Reiss and Go from 1987, and with Andrew Bracher and Bridge from late 1980's. His Bridge program was internationally marketed as Omar Sharif Bridge [1], Chris' contribution being to liaise with Omar Sharif and organize the filming. OS further worked with Jeff Rollason and Shogi from 1996, breaking into the Japanese market with Sony and Nintendo console products.

Oxford Softworks developed several other games in house, some of which were written by Ren Wu who joined in 1996. Oxford Softworks which then had a staff of around twenty five, mostly programmers, and an annual turnover approaching one million GB pounds was sold to a venture capitalist consortium in May 2000 for a deal worth four million pounds [2].

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