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علي ولي الل [1]

an UCI compliant chess engine by German blind software developer Anton Lindenmair, which first appeared in 2006 on Playchess [2].

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  1. Eighteenth century mirror writing in Ottoman calligraphy. The phrase means 'Ali is the vicegregent of God' in both directions (Arabic: علي ولي الله) in obverse and reverse, creating a mirror image. The calligrapher has used the central vertical fold in the thick cream-colored paper to help trace the calligraphic duplication (Selim 1979, 162) prior to mounting it onto a cardboard and pasting rectangular pink frames along its borders. Source: Library of Congress, ca 1720 - 1730 by Mahmud Ibrahim, Ali from Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons
  2. Hiarcs 10 in Blitz Games LIVE on Playchess ! - who is AliChess 4.00 ? by Eduard Nemeth, CCC, January 07, 2006

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