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Sylvain Gelly [1]

Sylvain Gelly,
a French computer scientist, deep learning researcher at Google Brain Zurich [2], and former member of the Learning and Optimisation Group (A&O) [3] in the Laboratoire de recherche en informatique (LRI) under the direction of Michèle Sebag and Nicolas Bredèche at Paris-Sud 11 University. He defended his Ph.D. thesis A Contribution to Reinforcement Learning; Application to Computer Go in 2007 [4]. His research interests covers machine learning and he is one of the authors of OpenDP [5], a general and featured framework of reinforcement learning, and in particular of dynamic programming, and co-authored the top level Go playing program Mogo, using Monte-Carlo Tree Search which uses patterns in the simulations and improvements in UCT [6][7].

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