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Schweinehund [1]

Schach dem Schweinehund,
a German multimedia chess program released by ChessBase in 2000. Schach dem Schweinehund is based on Nimzo 7.32 by Chrilly Donninger, running under Windows 98. The user interface incorporates animations with the Schweinehund [2] , a kind of Bulldog, who comments the course of a game with situation-based voice and facial expressions. Further multimedia comments and annotated games by GM Dr. Helmut Pfleger. A Spanish release was published under the titles Jaque Al Perro Tocahuevos and Jaque Al Perro Guasón [3] .


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  2. Schweinehund (German) literally: Schwein = pig, Hund = dog, vulgarism like in "der verdammte Schweinehund" (the damned pig-dog), also used to describe the lack of motivation (for example to quit a bad habit) "den inneren Schweinehund bekämpfen" (to battle the inner pig-dog, akrasia), coined in WW I by Kurt von Schleicher, during WW II also common German military slang (Landserdeutsch), later used by German sport coaches, from List of German expressions in English from Wikipedia, Innerer Schweinehund from (German)
  3. "El Perro Guasón" or The Bothering, sarcastic Dog by Fernando, Hiarcs Forum, May 05, 2014
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