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Yoshiaki Yamaguchi,
a Japanese computer scientist affiliated with the University of Tokyo. His research interests includes solving Connect Four [1] on infinite [2] and cylinder-infinite boards.



Advances in Computer Games 14: Ryan Hayward announcing Yoshiaki Yamaguchi [3]

Infinite Connect Four

Abstract of the Advances in Computer Games 13 paper [4]:

In this paper, we present the newly obtained solution for variants of Connect-Four played on an infinite board. We proved this result by introducing never-losing strategies for both players. The strategies consist of a combination of paving patterns, which are follow-up, follow-in-CUP, and a few others. By employing the strategies, both players can block their opponents to achieve the winning condition. This means that optimal play by both players leads to a draw in these games.
By rearrangement of the same paving patterns, the solution for a semi-infinite board, where either the height or the width is finite, are also presented. Moreover, it is confirmed that these results are effective under various placement restrictions. 

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