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Wim Elsenaar at DOCCC 1983 [1]

Wim H. Elsenaar,
a Dutch computer scientist and club chess player, while affiliated with the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in the 80s, computer chess programmer and author of Chess 0.5X, a strong program of that time, running on a PDP 11/70 of the University. Chess 0.5X competed at the early Dutch Open Computer Chess Championships, winning DOCCC 1983 and DOCCC 1984 both with a perfect 100% score (8/8 and 6/6).


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  1. Image cropped from Roger Hünen, Sicco Kooi (eds.) (1984). CSVN computerschaak toernooi Leiden 1983. pdf hosted by Hein Veldhuis » DOCCC 1983

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