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Sven Reichard [1]

Sven Reichard,
a German mathematician, and researcher and lecturer at TU Dresden, and before research associate at University of Western Australia, Perth [2]. He holds a Ph.D. in mathematics from University of Delaware, Newark under advisor Mikhail H. Klin [3]. His research focuses on discrete mathematics, graph theory, finite geometry and computational discrete algebra. He is co-author of the finite geometry package FinInG [4] [5], written in the GAP framework [6], which also provides an interpreted programming language. Interested in computer chess programming, Sven Reichard has written the experimental Chess Engine Communication Protocol compatible chess engine Alice [7] [8] (written in GAP? No C++ [9]). Further, Sven Reichard is author of the Pool program Snooze, which participated at the 11th Computer Olympiad 2006 in Turin.

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