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* [[Nick Pelling]] ('''2013'''). ''[ Chess Superminiatures]''. [ eBook], [ Kindle edition], [ Amazon]
* [[John Nunn]] ('''2014'''). ''Maths and Chess''. [[ICGA Journal#37_4|ICGA Journal, Vol. 37, No. 4]]
* [[Kenneth Wingate Regan|Kenneth W. Regan]], [[Tamal T. Biswas]], [[Jason Zhou]] ('''2014'''). ''Human and Computer Preferences at Chess''. [ pdf]
==2015 ...==
* [[Tamal T. Biswas]], [[Kenneth Wingate Regan|Kenneth W. Regan]] ('''2015'''). ''Measuring Level-K Reasoning, Satisficing, and Human Error in Game-Play Data''. [[IEEE]] [ ICMLA 2015], [ pdf preprint]
* [[Vito Janko]], [[Matej Guid]] ('''2015'''). ''Development of a Program for Playing Progressive Chess''. [[Advances in Computer Games 14]] <ref>[ Progressive chess from Wikipedia]</ref>
* [[Guy Haworth]], [[Tamal T. Biswas]], [[Kenneth Wingate Regan|Kenneth W. Regan]] ('''2015'''). ''[ A Comparative Review of Skill Assessment: Performance, Prediction and Profiling]''. [[Advances in Computer Games 14]]
* [[Muthuraman Chidambaram]], [[Yanjun Qi]] ('''2017'''). ''Style Transfer Generative Adversarial Networks: Learning to Play Chess Differently''. [ arXiv:1702.06762v1] <ref>[ Using GAN to play chess] by Evgeniy Zheltonozhskiy, [[CCC]], February 23, 2017</ref> » [[Neural Networks]]
* [[Lyudmil Tsvetkov]] ('''2017'''). ''[ The Secret of Chess]''. <ref>[ The Secret of Chess] by [[Lyudmil Tsvetkov]], [[CCC]], August 01, 2017</ref>

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