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* [[Ingo Althöfer]] ('''2001'''). ''Grandmaster Chess with one-sided Computer Help.'' [[ICGA Journal#24_4|ICGA Journal, Vol. 24, No.4]]
* [[Marek Strejczek]] ('''2004'''). ''Some aspects of chess programming''. [[Technical University of Łódź]], Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Department of Computer Science, Supervisor [[Maciej Szmit]], [ zipped pdf], [ pdf]
* [[Henk Mannen]], [[Marco Wiering]] ('''2004'''). ''[ Learning to play chess using TD(λ)-learning with database games]''. [ Cognitive Artificial Intelligence], [ Utrecht University], Benelearn’04
==2005 ...==
* [[Fernand Gobet]], [[Peter Jansen]] ('''2005'''). ''Training in Chess: A Scientific Approach''. [ pdf]

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