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a [[XBoard]] compliant [[:Category:Open Source Engines|open source chess engine]] under the [[Free Software Foundation#GPL|GNU General Public License]] by [[Andrew Tridgell]] <ref>[[Andrew Tridgell]] ('''1997'''). ''KnightCap — a parallel chess program on the AP1000+''.</ref>, [[Jonathan Baxter]] and [[Lex Weaver]].
To [[Automated Tuning|tune]] it's [[Evaluation|evaluation]] in game play, it uses [[Temporal Difference Learning|temporal difference learning]] applied to [[Minimax|minimax]] search in chess, [[Temporal Difference Learning#TDLeaf|TDLeaf]] <ref>[[Jonathan Baxter]], [[Andrew Tridgell]], [[Lex Weaver]] ('''1997''') ''Knightcap: A chess program that learns by combining td(λ) with minimax search''. 15th International Conference on Machine Learning</ref> <ref>[ Re: Bit Board Bonkers?? - other alternatives] by [[Andrew Tridgell]], [[Computer Chess Forums|rgcc]], August 9, 1997</ref>. KnightCap features an own [[GUI]] with an optional [[3D Graphics Board]] <ref>[ Re: Going commercial, maybe] by [[Andrew Tridgell]], [[Computer Chess Forums|rgcc]], March 9, 1997</ref>, and played multiple [[Australasian National Computer Chess Championship|Australasian National Computer Chess Championships]], and won two times, last one the [[NC3 2006]].

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