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Ingo Althöfer

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a German mathematician, computer scientist, game researcher, game inventor, and full professor at ''Faculy for Mathematics and Computer Science'' <ref>[ Fakultaet fuer Mathematik und Informatik]</ref>, [ Friedrich Schiller University of Jena] <ref>[ Prof. Dr. Ingo Althöfer - Chair Operations Research]</ref>.
Ingo Althöfer's professional as well as private research interests cover a broad range of AI-issues, [[Search|search]] algorithms, [[Evaluation|evaluation]], creating and inventing new, interesting games such as [[EinStein würfelt nicht!]] <ref>[ EinStein würfelt nicht] von Ingo Althöfer, Copyright 2004</ref> <ref>[ A challenge] to [[Theo van der Storm]]! by Ingo Althöfer, [[CCC]], March 04, 2005</ref> , and triple-brain (3-Hirn) (two- or k-best mode, where an arbiter instance choses from the best moves provided by one or more chess-programs) <ref>[ K-Best Visualisations]</ref> <ref>[ A diary on 3-Hirn chess] by [[Ingo Althöfer]], [[Computer Chess Forums|rgcc]], December 27, 1996</ref>. 3-Hirn has become a "brand name" for books, games and software, distributed by Ingo's small publishing company [ 3-Hirn-Verlag]. Along with his former student [[Timo Haupt|Timo Klaustermeyer]], he introduced the concept of [ freestyle chess] within a Blitz tournament in August 2004 <ref>[[Ingo Althöfer]] ('''2018'''). ''Computer-Aided Game Play and Computer Cheating: Examples from Chess, Shogi, and Go''. [ Extended Abstract as pdf]</ref> <ref>[ Freestyle Blitz Tournaments on January 15 and 22, 2005] by [[Ingo Althöfer]] and [[Timo Haupt|Timo Klaustermeyer]]</ref>.

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