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Simon Viennot [1]

Simon Robert Michel Viennot,
a French computer scientist, and assistant professor and researcher at Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. He holds a M.Sc. in electrical engineering from École centrale de Nantes in 2004, and a Ph.D in CS from Lille University of Science and Technology in 2011. His research interests include combinatorial game theory and Monte-Carlo tree search.

Combinatorial Games Solver

Along with Julien Lemoine, Simon Viennot is author of Glop [2] [3] [4], an open source software to compute the winning strategies of combinatorial games, such as Sprouts, Cram and Dots and Boxes. In 2007, they introduced an algorithm based on the concept of nimbers to solve Sprouts with up to 32 spots in the normal version, extended to up to 44 spots in 2011, and three isolated starting positions, with 46, 47 and 53 spots. In 2009, they reached 17 spots in the more complicated misère version and were able to extend their analysis up to 20 points in 2011 [5] [6].

Kitsune & Flukz

Further, Lemoine and Viennot are authors of Kitsune [7], a software aiming at solving digit problem of a famous television game show [8], and co-authors of Flukz, an editor of shoot'em up video games [9].

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