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a didactic chess program by Andy Walker. NotChess was written in C and originated as a simple program to help teach students at University of Nottingham taking a game theory course [1], but was overtaken the request to enter it in Don Beal's Uniform-Platform Computer Chess Championship [2] [3], where it according to its author suffered clarity.


by Andy Walker [4]

Notchess was originally written as a sort-of demo program for this module, but it was overtaken by events and a request to enter it in a tournament. Unsurprisingly, since it was only debugged a couple of days before the start, and it had been intended for clarity rather than speed, it came last. The following year, I again received a request to enter Notchess for the so-called `Uniform Platform' competition, and it won one game and drew a couple, so at least avoided the wooden spoon. However, in the attempt to make it usable for the tournament, clarity suffered, and it is not a program I would commend for style. Some day, I'll get around to re-writing it twice, once for this module and once in an attempt to play well! 

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