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Munjong Kolss [1]

Munjong Kolss,
a Korean born, German biologist, chess and correspondence chess player [2] and computer chess programmer. He graduated in biology at University of Kiel in 2003, received a Ph.D from University of Fribourg, Switzerland, in 2007, was postdoc at Bielefeld University [3], and is now deputy head of the department for evaluations, University of Cologne [4]. Along with his twin brother Muntsin, Munjong is author of the chess engine Ikarus.


From the WCCC 2006 Turin [5] .


Jonny vs. Ikarus, Johannes Zwanzger and Munjong Kolss [6]


Jaap van den Herik awards the Blitz trophy to Munjong Kolss of Ikarus

Selected Publications

[7] [8]

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Forum Posts

Re: Ikarus, FastMM4 and Delphi 2005? by Munjong Kolss, CCC, November 22, 2005

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