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Milos Tatarevic [1]

Milos Tatarevic, (Miloš Tatarević)
a Serbian mathematician and computer scientist, residing in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. Currently working as software engineer at CoinList [2] [3], he was previously affiliated with AngelList and Vast [4] [5], where he developed their high performance search engine in C. Milos Tatarevic is interested in combinatorial optimization, data mining, problem solving, experimental music composing [6], and computer chess.


Milos Tatarevic is author of the UCI compliant open source chess engine Xiphos. Inspired by Garry Kasparov's book Deep Thinking: Where Machine Intelligence Ends and Human Creativity Begins [7] [8], which evoked his childhood passion computer chess, he wondered how hard it could be to develop an engine strong enough to suppress the legendary Deep Blue and gave it a try [9].


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