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was an international early home computer game producing and trading enterprise in the 80s. A Dutch subsidiary was associated with Wim Rens, for the purpose to develop and merchandise the chess program Gambiet and derivational products. In his European MCC 1982 report, Tony Harrington states "Wim Rens, sponsored by the UK firm Microtrend entered a program ..." [1].

Gabmol vs. Sargon II

Wim Rens in his June 1981 Databus article Grondslagen van computerschaak [2]:

The second milestone of Gambiet's triumph [3] was achieved under the watchful eye of the firm Microtrend. At home of one of their directors were two TSR-80's, one running Sargon II, the other Gabmol [4]. Microtrend was looking for a chess game in their collection, and end of June a decision was made and a contract placed. The result was impressive: two equally fast Tandy computers and Gambiet had no trouble with the once-famous Sargon. 


According to Trademarkia, GAMBIET was trademark by Microtrend International B.V. in Amsterdam, filed October 26, 1981, as United States trademark, canceled September 13, 1989 [5].


Gambiet order form by Microtrend, U.S.A., InfoWorld, May 1981 [6]

Videopac C 7010

The French manual of the Videopac C 7010 for the module of the Philips Videopac G7000 video game console has following copyright note [7]


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