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LittleBlitzer, (LB)
an UCI compliant, dialogue based user interface by Nathan Thom for the purpose to play automated tournaments using a set of configured by external text files. Tournaments are either round-robin where each engine plays the same number of games, or gauntlets where one engine plays all others repeatedly. As output of a tournament, LB creates a PGN file, which could be used by Bayeselo or Elostat to calculate a rating for each participant. LittleBlitzer is designed to run tens of thousands of games at fast time controls without a game view via graphical notation window or board windows to monitor the games. LB assigns one thread per engine, and may play multiple games in parallel if multiple processors are available. LB supports Chess 960 as well as positions loaded from FEN, EPD [1] or PGN files, and can adjudicate games early based on specified criteria [2].

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