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Kenneth L. King,
an American electrical engineer and entrepreneur. Since the late 50s, Kenneth L. King was involved in the development of graphical CRT computer displays and later computer-aided design (CAD) platforms. He was long time fellow of computer graphics pioneer Carl Machover [1] [2], as they were co-founders of RMS Associates in 1960, '64 renamed to Information Displays, Inc. (IDI) [3] [4].


IDI's stand-alone CAD platform IDIIOM (IDI Input-Output Machine) included a furnished Varian 620/i minicomputer [5] [6]. IDIIOM ran a chess program developed by Kenneth L. King in collaboration with NASA engineer Chris Daly within its own prototype of a Graphical User Interface. The program, later dubbed Daly CP, won second place in the First United States Computer Chess Championship 1970 in New York City [7] [8].


IDIIOM playing chess [9]


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