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Jonathan Baxter [1]

Jonathan Baxter,
an Australian computer scientist, entrepreneur, CEO and co-founder of the Web crawling company Panscient [2] [3], and before quantitative researcher at Two Sigma Investments, a New York City based hedge fund, and distinguished research scientist at WhizBang! Labs, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania [4] [5] [6].

Computer Chess

While affiliated with the Department of Systems Engineering at Australian National University, Jonathan Baxter co-authored the TD-learning chess program KnightCap [7] and further wrote his own engine TDChess based on KnightCap [8], which won the NC3 1999 Australasian National Computer Chess Championship [9]. After the AlphaZero incident in December 2017, Jonathan Baxter contributed a Monte-Carlo Tree Search wrapper for Stockfish [10].

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