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Jesper Kristensen [1]

Jesper Torp Kristensen,
a Danish computer scientist affiliated with Bang & Olufsen. He holds a master degree from the Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University under supervision of Peter Bro Miltersen on the topic of generation and compression of endgame tablebases in chess [2]. Applying ordered binary decision diagrams (OBDDs), the objective was to maximize the number of endgame combinations that can be stored in RAM, while still being able to access the tables fast enough to be used during full depth searches. Jesper Kristensen has further written Connect Four programs in various programming languages [3].


Kristensen's work was recognized by Ronald de Man as used to compress his Syzygy Bases - quote from a reply to Guy Haworth, April 06, 2013 [4]

I create tables in RAM that have all the information necessary for WDL50+ and DTZ50+, then permute them to different indexing schemes and compress. I do test runs on subsets of the data to find good permutations. (The idea to try permutations is from Jesper Torp Kristensen's master thesis.

Selected Publications

[5] [6]

External Links

GitHub - doktoren/chess-cpp: Source code for the program made in the master thesis: Generation and compression of endgame tables in chess with fast random access using OBDDs


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