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Gerard Zieliński,
a Polish mathematician, computer scientist and early computer artist, during the 70s affiliated with the Institute of Mathematics, Warsaw University of Technology. He used an ODRA 1204 computer for music composed by computers and algorithmic composition [1] dedicated to Włodzimierz Kotoński. Later, during the mid 70s, he worked and published on computer chess concerning arrays and a simplified evaluation function.


Abstract of Arrays for Programming Chess [2]

A computer program depends strongly on data structures processed by it. For time optimization it is often sufficient to change only the data structures. There are 5 parts to a typical chess program: Game manager, legal moves generator, evaluation function, openings library and algorithm for endings. Arrays play an important role in game managing, generating proper moves and evaluating the position. A properly chosen array form improves computer chess. 

Evaluation Function

Abstract of a Simple Evaluation Function [3]:

The quality of chess programs is based on tree searching ; this limits computer chess development. Modern improvements are possible mainly by applying new concepts in a heuristic evaluation of a chess position. While seeking optimal partial solutions to obtain general solutions, one is led to huge programs that solve only a small part of a chess problem. It seems that an optimistic approach is to look for a conceptionally simple and general evaluation function which can be improved by using a computer.

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