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Edward A. Komissarchik,
a Russian born mathematician and computer scientist. He graduated from Moscow State University as a math professor and was researcher at the Institute for System Studies (VNIISI) in Moscow, who studied (chess) databases. Along with Aaron L. Futer he analyzed the endgame KQPKQ with white pawn on g7 (b7). Based on Zermelo's justification [1] they applied a retrograde analysis algorithm, using bitboards in coding the chess board.

Edward Komissarchik and his daughter Julia immigrated from Russia to the United States in 1990. The Komissarchiks, who took on Palo Alto, California built a jobs-search site to showcase their deep web-search technology and founded Glenbrook Networks [2] in 1999 [3].

Selected Publications


Э.А. Комиссарчик, А.Л. Футер (1974). Об анализе ферзевого эндшпиля при помощи ЭВМ./ Сб. Проблемы кибернетики №29, стр. 211-220, English translation by Christian Posthoff, revised in ICCA Journal, Vol. 9, No. 4

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